Why Toilet a bidet by Aspen?

  • Aspen, your trusted name in health care products, has been marketing the world's finest toilet bidets at the lowest prices on the Internet for more than 6 years now. We've sold thousands to happy customers worldwide.  Aspen is European most oustanding company, established in 1971, well-known for the best service and warranty, with own technicians to serve you, even in your country.
  • Why not achieve the HIGHEST LEVEL of PERSONAL HYGIENE possible? A bidets by Aspen makes cleansing very EASY and extremely effective. WATER CLEANSING has long been embraced by most of the world as much healthier and more comfortable than toilet paper. A Bidet goes far beyond what mere toilet paper alone can achieve.
  • And now, with the introduction of our pleasurable Bidet HYGIENIC SPRAYS you will further enhance your personal hygiene and sooth your SENSITIVE areas.
  • Bidet products like Aspen Bidets are used by MILLIONS of men, women, and children everyday in Europe USA and Asia.  More then 15.000.000 (million!) are sold in 2005 in Japan .
  • Aspen Bidets are TEMPERATURE adjustable and have a tough unibody construction that EASILY INSTALLS on most TOILETS and CONNECTS to ALL standard plumbing fixtures.

What do Doctors think of Aspen Bidets?

  • All are ENDORSED by DOCTORS as a safe, natural, and environmentally friendly toilet commode accessory.

Can Bidets provide a health and medical benefits?

  • Yes. All Aspen Bidet models, due to the continuous freshness and comfort they provide, are a great help in the ALLEVIATION of hemorrhoid and feminine discomforts, in addition to reducing the risk of STD�s and other infections. Help women for a fast recovery after confinement.

Our Guarantee to our Customers

  • Our technicians search the world for the very best bidets. We stock only the best bidets on our own brand name Aspen Bidets.  With European CE and American UL Approval. Each unit is carefully tested to ensure quality, ease of installation, and comes with FULL WARRANTY SERVICE  (2 years! ). you can be assured that we will provide you the very best in service.

Different types of bidets

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