Aspen's JASMIN regular/elongated White
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Posterior Wash (Shower)

nozzle extends from deep in the back of the toilet seat and sprays a stream of warm water from its tip.
The warm water spraying from the 3 holes in the nozzle takes the form of a shower which rinses the posterior. This shower feels incredibly soft as it cleans the posterior.
It also has a massage effect which works as a suitable stimulus for improving the blood circulation or hemorrhoids.

Feminine Wash (Bidet)

A bidet nozzle that is different from the shower nozzle extends and rinses a woman's delicate parts.
The nozzle has 10 holes, which makes the touch of the water against the skin softer than that of a shower spray, and during urination or when sweaty, during menstruation, pregnancy or after childbirth, etc., this shower always works to preserve cleanliness.
However, it has no contraceptive effects.


This function dries the dampened parts using warm air. Drying is done by blowing warm air after shower or bidet washing, so a comfortable, refreshed feeling is obtained.
If the user wipes lightly with toilet paper first, drying can be done faster and more thoroughly. There is no irritation, so this function is extremely effective for hemorrhoids sufferers.

Heated Toilet Seat

The toilet seat remains heated to a constant temperature at all times, so the breath-taking shock of sitting on a cold toilet seat in winter time is eliminated, making it possible to use the toilet comfortably.

Occupied Seat Sensor

If nobody is seated on the toilet seat, if someone is standing and presses the switch by mistake, or if children are aimlessly attempting to play with
the Luxury Lavage, they will be unable to get
the area around the toilet wet.

Nozzle Cleaning

Nozzle cleaning encompasses two types of self-cleaning functions.

  1. Cleaning both shower and bidet nozzle automatically every time after use.
  2. The nozzle can be cleaned anytime with the simple press of a button on the remote control.

Toilet Lid and Toilet Seat "Slow Down"

When lowering the toilet lid or toilet seat, this function allows you to release it from your hand any time without it banging down hard against the toilet.
Also, this does not function when the toilet lid or toilet seat is raised, so they can be raised easily.




Rhythm Wash Function (Massage Wash)

It also has a messaging effect which works as a suitable stimulus for improving the blood circulation or hemorrhoids. In addition, the count of rhythm cab be adjustable by user's pereference.


Odor Neutralizer (Deodorizer)

The deodorizer eliminates common odors that occur around the toilet.



Remote Control Operation

Operation is as simple as pressing a switch on the remote control.         
If the Remote Controller's batteries are denied, the user can control the basic functions of the bidet with this panel




JASMIN (Round)

JASMIN (Elonated)

Water Supply Method

Direct connection to tap water

Tap Water Pressure Range

8.5 to 106.7 psi (0.06 to 0.74 MPa, 0.6 to 7.5 kgf/cm�)

Maximum Rating

240 V AC, 311W, 50-60Hz


Width 407 x Depth 476 x Height 209 mm


Approx.  5,9 kg


Warm Water Tank Capacity

 0.9 Ltr.

Nozzle Holes(Diameter)

Auto slide type, exclusively for posterior and bidet

Posterior Cleaning Spray

0 to 1.0 L/min.

Bidet Cleansing Spray

0 to 1.0 L/min.

Warm Water Heater Capacity

250 W

Warm Water Tank Internal Control Temperature

OFF: water temp., LOW: approx. 93�F(34�C),
MID: approx. 97�F(36�C), HIGH: approx. 100�F(38�C)

Safety Devices

Thermal fuse, high-temperature sensor switch, float switch to prevent empty tank operation, overturn sensor switch


Air Volume

35.31 ft.�/min. (0.3m�/min.)

Warm Air Heater Capacity

0, 150, 300 W

Warm Air Temperature Adjustments

LOW: room temp., MEDIUM, HIGH

Safety Device

Thermal Fuse


Heater Capacity

42 W

45 W

Surface Temperature

OFF: room temp., LOW: approx. 87�F(30.5�C),
MID: approx. 93�F(34�C), HIGH: approx. 99�F(37�C)

Temperature Adjustments

Four steps selectable (microcomputer controlled)

Safety Device

Thermal fuse

Power Cord

Effective length: 3.9 ft. (1.2 m)

Other Functions:

-Occupied seat sensor
-Power button
-Toilet seat and toilet seat lid Slow Down
-Nozzle self-cleaning button
-Toilet seat heater auto shut-off    - Deodorizer (active charcoal filter)