The Aspen Travel Bidet is a MUST for people-on-the-go. This Unique Personal Hygiene System makes cleansing more convenient and effective beyond what toilet paper allows can achieve. It helps relieve the discomforts caused by hemorrhoids, infections, itching, etc. It is also a great accessory for mothers with young children and infants. The Aspen Travel Bidet allows everyone to be fresh and clean anytime, anywhere!

The Aspen Travel Bidet has the three (3) multifunctional nozzles namely, the External Spray Head, Internal Spray Head and Nursing Spray Head.

Different functions may be achieved by using the appropriate nozzles.

  • The EXTERNAL SPRAY HEAD is intended for external washing of genital and anal areas.
  • The INTERNAL SPRAY HEAD is intended for internal feminine washing or douching.
  • The NURSING SPRAY HEAD is intended for general washing of body parts of infants and patients all-at-bed.

Parts list

A. Water-in lid F. Battery-lid Opener
B. Water Reservoir G. Handbag
C. Button H1.External-Use Sprayer
D. Case H2.Internal-use Sprayer
E. Battery Lid H3.Nursing Sprays


Notes before use

Please read this manual to familiarize yourself with the various parts of this unit and its proper use. To ensure efficiency and long life for this appliance, use only alkaline batteries.

How to take care after use

  1. After use, open the water-in lid (A) to ensure no liquid left in water box (B).
  2. Take out the sprayer from ease (D), wash it in fresh water. Wipe up the moisture, then fill the external-use sprayer. (H1) into the case (D) in the right direction...

  3. Open the water-in lid (A) press the case (D) and water reservoir (B) at the same time, until case (D) comes into the water reservoir (B) fully. Faster the water in lid (A).
  4. Put the cleanser, internal-use sprayer (H2), and nursing sprayer (H3) into plastic bag, then in handbag (G).

Note : Do not pour water on the external case (D). Do not use boiling water with this unit at any time. Remove the battery from case (D) when not used from external periods.

How to use the nursing spray(H3)

  1. Install the nursing sprayer (H3) as pictured below.
  2. Open water-in lid (A) and add cleansing liquid. Turn the top of this sprayer (H3) to select different spraying mode.
  3. Put the loop handle around wrist while holding the appliance, point where you wash and press the button (C).


"rotate nozzle to change pattern of spray"

Installation of the battery

Remove the battery lid (E) with the supplied power (F). Put in the battery in the right direction according to the given symbols of mode and cathode. Fasten the battery lid (E) when replacing the battery, ensure the surface the battery case is dry.

Filling with water

  1. Open the water-in lid (A) at the bottom stretch out the case (D) until the bottom (C) comes out fully.
  2. After filing fasten the lid (A).

Note: Be sure water temperature is not accessibly high as it can be dangerous when not in use empty all water from water box (B).